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"Mumble Only" Events

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"Mumble Only" Events

Postby RogerDodger » Thu Jul 04, 2019 6:53 pm

Hello everybody,

I was thinking about trying to make "mumble only" events.

After making already a nice amount of events, I noticed that there are many mumble users that are fairly new to flying, they can fly fairly well, and want to get to the next level and use ATC for a full sim experience, but they seem to lack knowledge of procedure, terminology, and use of charts.
Together with them, I saw a big amount of pilots that are fully skilled.

Therefore, in order for them to learn, I was thinking to create a more professional environment so new pilots can listen and fly next to skilled pilots and so learn the terminology and procedure of a controlled flight.

Sadly, I recently noticed a few ATCs that seemed to not really be knowing what they are doing (using wrong rwys, having no idea of what a clearance delivery is, no idea what SID or STAR is, using bad terminology, etc.), and from a bit of chat that I had with new pilots, seems that they are also flying to these airports and actually learning bad procedures. I noticed that in the last weeks in EDDL, EDDS, EDDH, EGKK (not Jon), LFPO.

So, coming to the conclusion, I thought to try to make a bit more serious events, that will concentrate mumble users for a full sim experience (as much as possible with mumble and one controller), to create more traffic, and to have new pilots learning from skilled pilots. Posting these events a few days in advance, and open them to mumble users only.
Hopefully, if these events will attract many users, we can make bigger events, and to divided the ATC positions as well (in mumble tabs, i.e. LSGGground - LSGGtower, etc.) since there seem to be also many skilled controllers here (Jon, Sam, Zulu, Daweed, and more that I am probably forgetting).

So, let me know what you think about it. :D
Let's make the first try on this Saturday evening in LFSB (Basel), I will post the hours in the ATC website. In the future, if it will have demand, we can do it also on bigger airports, and to have more controllers in more positions.

Waiting for your thoughts about this...
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Re: "Mumble Only" Events

Postby SquabToast » Sat Jul 06, 2019 11:20 pm

Just my thoughts:
When I first flew multiplayer / ATC, I informed myself a lot on wiki etc, which are really well made. However, I was still feeling very unsure and was afraid of doing it. But I am pretty sure, ATC-procedures can only be learned by 'learning-by-doing'. A great way would be to have something like a mentor, where you can do one departure and one landing with full ATC. But also those events can be a nice way to introduce people to ATC. Will try to be available as ATC then since I do like to welcome new users, tho it can be a bit exhausting.
Feel free to contact me

Have a nice day,
SquabToast / ATCZulu
SquabToast | ATCZulu.
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Re: "Mumble Only" Events

Postby RogerDodger » Fri Jul 12, 2019 10:17 pm

So, a bit late with the reply here, but seemed that the Mumble only event was quite successful.
I had almost all the time at least 2-3 pilots simultaneously, and I heard many new voices, so I think it works quite well.

I think it's after all just normal to learn a bit about ATC communication and procedure before joining a multiplayer event, and while the chat users don't really care about any of that, when people use mumble seems that they try to care and to learn even if it's quite clear that they are very new to that.

I actually don't mind making practice sessions for departures or approaches, if people would want that, I would be happy to do it.

Jomo is always saying that FG events are a good preparation for VATSIM, but coming from VATSIM, it seems to me that many pilots are quite far from being able to fly vatsim and not to be kicked out or to annoy the controller :) so, practice sessions and more mumble only events are a good idea and I am open to it.
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