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about too sensitive joystick (FGFS on Ubuntu 18.04)

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about too sensitive joystick (FGFS on Ubuntu 18.04)

Postby mauro451 » Sun Apr 14, 2019 8:06 am

Good morning all, I have read at all my best (being not english motherlanguage) the topics here about joystick set configuration to solve the known problem of excessive joystick reactivity.
I've applied the suggested additional control parameters in my joystick xml file, also matching with this page : ... de:_Part_1

the problem is that nothing happens once saved the xml file with the new parameters, it is like having done nothing.

my changes are made in the only file appearing in ~/.fgfs/Input/Joysticks/ directory, its name is Thrustmaster,-Inc-USB-Game-Controllers.xml

the changes are effective, the file is saved with same name and when reopened it I found what I've just done.

Is there something else to know to make this work?
Thank you much
EDIT: after editing some of the parameters shown on ... de:_Part_1 :

<dead-band type="double">0.3</dead-band>
<offset type="double">0.85</offset>
<factor type="double">-1.0</factor>
<power type="int">1.9</power>

I've seen that adjusting the 1- <dead-band type="double">0.3</dead-band> and 2- <offset type="double">0.85</offset>parameters makes:

1- the stick dead zone at 30%, so the steering moves with some delay
2- the steering (both vertical and horizintal axis) stops his action a bit before the real end position, I believe 0.85 means that the excursion is 85% of the entire run

and this is already a step toward what needed.

but the <power type="int">1.9</power> setting (the one supposed to act directly on the sensitivity) does not make any difference in joystick behavior . How came?
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