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The Amazing FlightGear xml code

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The Amazing FlightGear xml code

Postby sim » Fri Oct 19, 2018 12:39 pm

Writing and rewriting my AV8R-01 joystick codes until it did everything to suit my flying requirements especially changing viewpoints and moving views to make Flightgear videos was time consuming and challenging.
The ability to write your own xml codes for your joystick in Flightgear really is streets ahead of other flight simulators and repays your effort tenfold when you take to the skies!

:arrow: How Flight gear xml code beats other Simulators.
1. Get just one button to do several things at the same time, raise gear, raise flaps, set engine boost, reset pilot's view.

2. you can get just one button to lower gear and when you press it again raise gear.

3. you can press just one button to deploy speedbrakes then release it to retract speedbrakes.

4. You can get all of your stick buttons to change from performing one function to performing any other function by using a "modifier" such as the trigger button. So in 3. above instead of speedbrakes the same button now puts reverse-thrust on until button is released.
You find this amazing xml adaptability of what your joystick can do only in Flightgear! Other flight simulators are far less obliging! :wink:
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