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How to get Saitek Switch Panel working

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How to get Saitek Switch Panel working

Postby rmvanderspek » Fri Sep 14, 2018 9:25 pm

Hi there,

I am on quite a crusade to get everything setup the way I want it to. Last thing on the list (for now) is the Saitek Switch Panel.

I am on a MacBook Pro with operating system Sierra version 10.12.6 (which is normally great, but at the moment I am wishing for windows... :roll: )

Using Flight Gear version 2018.2.2 (which I guess is the latest version currently available).

To get the Switch Panel do anything at all, I have installed ... / which seems to 'work'. The lights for the Landing Gear are either green or red. So thats good.

When I boot Flight Gear with the option --httpd=5000 saitek seems to get a connection with flightgear (as without the option, the terminal would flood with connection errors).

As I turn a switch on the panel, I can see the Saitek app being busy:

However... the most important part is still failing. Turning a switch on the switch panel, does not result in a turned switch in the Cessna simulation in Flightgear.

Am I missing some configuration? Any help would be more than welcom.
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Re: How to get Saitek Switch Panel working

Postby sim » Sun Sep 23, 2018 7:13 pm

The lights for the Landing Gear are either green or red. So thats good.

That's really good. Your switch panel is working great if it shows red when gear is up.
Even better if switch panel gear down shows green.
Unless the plane has fixed gear that's sure to improve your landings. :wink:

Reckon you'll have to "wire up" all the other switches by writing code to
each switch to suit each plane you fly.
Unless the boys at Saitek have a better understanding of Flightgear than
they previously did and have in-bedded very clever drivers.

Too many switches can be a distraction when flying. Great fun for ground
technicians though! :lol:

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