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Command Line

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Command Line

Postby MickeySkooter » Sat Aug 04, 2018 2:24 pm

I know it is possible to preload frequencies for Com 1, com2 and so on ... but is it possible to have a switch for specific airports like ' if apt=KGGG com1=xxx.xx ?
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Re: Command Line

Postby wkitty42 » Sat Aug 04, 2018 5:28 pm

not that i know of... you could do it with some scripting to build your command line, though... i would imagine you'd have a lookup table of freqs for an airport and then have the script choose and set them in your command line building...

off the top of my head using hard coded airports and freqs eg:
Code: Select all
# the first parameter, $1, is the departure airport.
# there must be one parameter given when calling this script.
if [ "$#" -ne 1 ]; then
  printf "\nIllegal number of parameters: $#\n"
  printf "$0 requires the departure airport to be specified on the command line.\n"
  printf "eg:\n"
  printf "  $0 KGGG\n"
  printf "\nAborting...\n"
  exit 1

# fg-root is where fgdata is located

# $myradio settings contains the radio freqs we want set
if [ "$myairport" == "KGGG" ] ; then
  myradiosettings="--com1=123.45 --com2=134.23 --nav1=154.3 --nav2=164.2"
elif [ "$myairport" == "KOAK" ] ; then
  myradiosettings="--com1=321.0 --com2=413.5 --nav1=184.3 --nav2=175.2"
elif [ "$myairport" == "KSFO" ] ; then
  myradiosettings="--com1=111.0 --com2=222.5 --nav1=121.3 --nav2=145.6"

# put the command line together so it includes all parts
cmdline="$myfgroot $myairport $myradiosettings"

# load FG using our built command line
printf "executing: fgfs \"$cmdline\"\n"
fgfs "$cmdline"
unset cmdline
unset myfgroot
unset myairport
unset myradiosettings
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