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help plz, 2018.2.2 how to install scenery?

Installing FlightGear, scenery, aircraft etc. on Windows.

help plz, 2018.2.2 how to install scenery?

Postby moz » Sat Jul 07, 2018 8:28 pm

i just downloaded 2gb from site, gave me zip with 2 folders called

there is no terrasync available on my launcher. I cant find a tutorial to install it. should i just buy the dvd?
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Re: help plz, 2018.2.2 how to install scenery?

Postby wkitty42 » Sun Jul 08, 2018 1:06 pm

what launcher are you using?? the terrasync setting is in the Settings tab... "Download Scenery"...

you could buy the DVD as that would contribute some funds to the project but you really don't need to since you have terrasync available and you downloaded 2Gig of scenery out of the 85+Gig that is available...

there's two ways to install this scenery you downloaded... via the launcher or manually... the launcher method has a few restrictions but it may work with the file you received... we'll start with the launcher method first...

Launcher Scenery Install Method
so, in your launcher, go to the Add-ons tab... there's a button [Install Add-on scenery]... click it and point it at your 2Gig file you downloaded... if there are no problems, when it is finished, it should have installed the scenery for you and quite possibly added a path to the scenery paths listed on that page... that's it!

Manual Scenery Install Method
in your home directory, make a directory called "myFlightGear"... inside there make another directory called "myScenery"... now extract that 2Gig zip into there... make sure you keep the paths... when you are finished, you should have something like


and they'll each be filled with hundreds of other directories two levels deep with the tile files in them...

then in your launcher, go to the Add-ons tab and click the '+' to add a scenery path... point that box to your myFlightGear/myScenery directory and you're done...

all done!
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Re: help plz, 2018.2.2 how to install scenery?

Postby moz » Mon Jul 09, 2018 2:28 pm

maybe launcher method work, i just select airport in game, and find a location i want now, although.
plus it seems to work, only wen i flew into space, with

earth view orbital rendering, 16x time speed, and went to a different continent. upon descent, found different land.
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