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How do I download or save a YouTube video to my PC?

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How do I download or save a YouTube video to my PC?

Postby leeaberfa » Sat May 19, 2018 3:40 am

Youtube multi downloader online was built to simply allow consumers to see and watch videos on the site. Many users wish to save or download their favorite YouTube videos with their own computer so they can see them without even being on the Internet or on other devices. Below are the steps necessary for watching and downloading YouTube videos onto your desktop at no cost.
Note: This page only provides directions for saving or downloading a YouTube video to your computer. Instructions for rescuing an video as sound is on our saving merely the audio of a YouTube video to a MP3 file page.
Tip: Unless you plan on transferring the video in your computer to your smartphone or tablet after it's been downloaded, we suggest using our just how to download a YouTube video onto a smartphone or tablet steps for these apparatus.
Saving YouTube movie as a video file on your PC
Today, many sites that permit one to enter the URL of this video you wish to save to a own computer and receive yourself a link to download the file. Below is just a simple four-step procedure to down load any YouTube video.
Note: All these steps may not work if at a school or occupation that is obstructing YouTube.
1. First, go to the YouTube page containing the video that you want to download. When you've identified the page, press Ctrl+L in your computer to highlight the text from the address pub , and then Ctrl+C to copy the online address. If you're on an Apple computer replacement Ctrl with the Command key.
2. Once this address has been reproduced, glue that address into the text field under clicking in the box and then pressing Ctrl+V on your own personal computer.
Note: If the writing field or Download Video button is not visible or clickable, you can also type in front of almost any YouTube address (URL).
3. Click the down load video in browser link, below the green"Download the app and get your video" box. If you really don't find that link instantly, wait a few moments.
Note: Using the above link will enable you to down load a Youtube video youtube multi downloader for free. Ignore any adverts that say that you need to pay money to put in a video.
4. If done precisely, beneath the link mentioned above, you may see a preview of the video (as shown below), along with a green down load button and the format. The default format for downloading the video is currently either Low or moderate quality.
There might also be more than one quality option for each format. Pick the video format you want and click the Downloadbutton.
Note: Currently, YouTube will not enable the download of this HD quality video. Additionally, if available from the list, the MP4 360 video option is only going to play the video and will not download the file.
What about a video that is personal?
You cannot download private videos because the YouTube download service wouldn't need the necessary rights to get this video.
I still can't download a video
When following the above steps, you don't have a preview such as our example, ensure the link you're using functions opening the page in a new window. In the event the steps continue to work, try refreshing this site by pressing on the F 5 key on your computer keyboard and following the above steps . If that doesn't work, try one of the YouTube download sites below. Or, just use the hyperlink below for installing a utility to download videos on Windows, Linux, and Mac-OS operating systems.
It is simply saving as audio rather than video
Make sure that you are opting for the"MP4 360p" or"MP4 480p" option from the download connection. In the event you select"Audio MP4 128", it simply downloads the audio and not the video. If you did pick the perfect download link to download the document, it is most likely that the player you're using doesn't have the required codec for video files. Download the free VLC player for your computer and try to play with the video document from within VLC and perhaps not the player you are currently using.
If you plan on downloading several movies, then you might also use the Computer Hope YouTube youtube downloader bookmarklet. Visit our bookmarklet site to learn more regarding bookmarklets. There are also browser add ons for Firefox and extensions to allow Google Chrome to down load videos from video sites.
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Re: Flash Flight Xtreme

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Are you still looking for people? An update would be appreciated!
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