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Re: FlightGear Canada

Postby Nick R » Thu Apr 23, 2015 2:06 am

The site looks really nice. Love the concept. I hope that we'll be able to host quite a few events eventually. We'll probably not be able to compete with fguk but a few events every now and then would be nice. I'm fairly good at almost anything fg.
3d modeling, scenery development, JSBSim, and aircraft animating. I'm currently quite busy with my Pipistrel Virus SW project and real life but I could probably help out some if you need any.

Your site is mobile friendly which is really a plus. fguk isn't mobile friendly. For the forum I'd use phpBB and edit a responsive template to match your website.

Modelling the Pipistrel Virus SW (github, website)
Nick R
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Re: FlightGear Canada

Postby owenpsmith » Mon Apr 27, 2015 6:42 pm

Thanks for the feedback and tip on the forum Nick, and I'm glad you appreciate the concept. It is a bit of a departure from other hangar sites but as I said, I wanted to focus on content. The FGUK site interface is far too "busy" and it is a nightmare to browse their aircraft and liveries. I also don't understand why they have foreign aircraft on their site. I really feel that Canada is underdeveloped in terms of scenery, aircraft, and liveries. This is why I really want to focus on Canadian content, regardless of where the developer is from. If a Canadian is developing foreign content, they can post to main FG site. I have developed some foreign content and am continuing work on my Bristol Freighter model, which was operated in Canada but I would not consider it Canadian content though some of the liveries will be. Developing this site though has made me realize that we are really falling behind the US and European FG communities. So I hope the site will help bring us together help us focus on our own content, even more so once I add the forum. This is why I would like to add a wishlist for liveries, aircraft and scenery enhancements; to make us aware of what work is needed and allow developers to claim their projects.

Some Canadian events would be great, I can include them in the "news" page as well as having a thread in the proposed forum. I've never attended a FG event and I've only flown on the network a few times since no one ever seems to be flying in the same area as I am. I don't want to fly in Europe or SF just because that's where everyone else is!

I would still like to populate the "developers" page, but it seemed a bit silly with just myself on it. Do you mind if I add you? If so maybe you could send me some info. I haven't decided what to put on there yet but I think location, hardware platform, skills, development projects, maybe favorite aircraft and airport would be a good start. Please also let me know if you have any wishlist items for aircraft, liveries, or scenery and I'll include them when I add wishlists to each page.

I've claimed the DHC-5 Buffalo project which Bob Maheu had started, I've also started on the Avro Jetliner. Those will keep me busy for quite some time, but I would also like to see a Noordyn Norseman, and the Dash 7. I've also been dabbling in west coast scenery and have added many shared models, and am currently working on a lighthouse project, and major bridges in the greater Vancouver area.

Thanks again,

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