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Like riding a bicycle...

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Like riding a bicycle...

Postby TrueNorthist » Mon Nov 23, 2020 3:53 pm

Finally acquired another system capable of running this terrific sim, after my old laptop went to heaven -- almost 2 years ago! Its not an exaggeration to say my life feels better, now that I am flying in FG again. Routinely challenging the parts of my brain associated with flight has direct benefits on stress relief. Tasking myself like this in real world is a, too expensive and b, highly ill-advised. I simply think more clearly after a failure in the sim. Today I forgot to shift fuel about in the 707tt and lost both outboard engines over northern california. I managed to bring it down in one piece and my mini ntsb investigation revealed my error. I can actually feel my head has expanded a little.

Thanks to all the diligent people who have dedicated themselves to making this such a fine tool. :mrgreen:

edit, correction. I landed in Klamath Falls Oregon, not northern Cali.
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