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Headless / Multithreaded Rendering

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Headless / Multithreaded Rendering

Postby Hooray » Sun Sep 13, 2020 12:23 pm ... rendering/
After working out a thread manager class that stores a stack of C++ command buffers, I've got a pretty nice proof of concept working. I can call functions in the game thread and the appropriate actions are pushed onto a command buffer that is then passed to the rendering thread when World::Render is called. The rendering thread is where all the (currently) OpenGL code is executed. When you create a context or load a shader, all it does is create the appropriate structure and send a request over to the rendering thread to finish the job
Consequently, there is currently no way of detecting if OpenGL initialization fails(!) and in fact the game will still run along just fine without any graphics rendering! We obviously need a mechanism to detect this, but it is interesting that you can now load a map and run your game without ever creating a window or graphics context.
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