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2020.1.1 RC Multiplayer Issues

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2020.1.1 RC Multiplayer Issues

Postby Algernon » Sat May 09, 2020 12:32 pm

Hi all - trying out the first release candidate for 2020.1.1 and am having major issues with the changes in viewing MP aircraft. I will be filing a ticket, but thought I'd put some feelers out here first to see if anyone else has the same problems.

With both the new "click to view" button in the MP pilot lists, and the legacy view which sort of approximates the (mourned) Model View, the MP aircraft model does not load properly, nor does scenery, and when you return to your own aircraft, all the scenery has disappeared and takes a long time - up to ten minutes in my tests - to reappear, if it reappears at all. I've tried it four or five times now with the same result - weird model loading on MP cockpit view, no model loading on external MP views, scenery totally blitzed.

If I'm not the only one (and I suspect I'm not), please let me know and I'll get a ticket in.

Thanks! :)
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