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Any plan soon on updating the world map?

Questions and discussion about enhancing and populating the FlightGear world.

Any plan soon on updating the world map?

Postby lalegion » Sat Sep 21, 2019 3:57 pm

Greetings fellow pilots!

Does anybody know if there is any plan soon on updating the world map?
I find Flightgear amazing and I have to say that I really enjoy flying with it but I was wondering about the scenery. Every other aspect of the simulator is very well accomplished but the scenery feels like holding down the natural evolution of the program. We have amazing planes, incredible realistic physics and a good looking renderer (ALS). Please, make no mistake: I think that the whole simulator is an incredible achievement!
I was just wondering if there is actually any effort put in this area or not.

See you on the skies,
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