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Ignorant airplanes

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Ignorant airplanes

Postby jtprophet » Fri Feb 22, 2019 8:06 pm


I have been trying all morning to get Dash 8 turboprops to park at the C parking spots at KSEA with no joy at all; its bad enough that I now have time to play around with his with the result of a layoff of a 16 year IT career; (once you reach the speed limit age well you know) , more importantly back to the AI. I have revised and corrected the parking spots getting the same latitude and longitude coordinates from the KSEA downloaded from the scenery gateway and no matter what I do American 737-800's insist on parking there although the gate radius specifically states that only airplanes of "16" should go there. I also know that I turned off the download option so that the terrasync files do not overwrite the groundnet that I have modified; I am at my wits end and...oh crud the wife just pulled in must tidy house quick! :lol:

I have included a screenie of what appears to be C1A, C2 and C3 as you can see they are all 737's and must go! ... Z_eu4wCUq3

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Re: Ignorant airplanes

Postby BecOzIcan » Sat Feb 23, 2019 3:27 pm

Issue is with the (very old) AAL traffic.
Radii in there are wrong and 737-800 are assigned a radii of 14 instead of 18.

No one in the AI team has had the courage so far to rebuild AAL or any US carrier traffic as a mater of fact. Too big, too little documentation.


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