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FG Space Shuttle: One Orbit Timelapse (from 80nm to 4000nm)

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Re: FG Space Shuttle: One Orbit Timelapse (from 80nm to 4000

Postby GinGin » Fri Jan 18, 2019 7:08 pm

Indeed, very nice :)
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Re: FG Space Shuttle: One Orbit Timelapse (from 80nm to 4000

Postby eatdirt » Wed Jan 23, 2019 11:48 pm

Hi there,
here two x12.5 timelapses for what happens after the 3rd aerobraking, you get two story endings.

First story, 3rd aerobraking landed onto an orbit HA=600nm, and HP adjusted to 36nm to land in Vandenberg. The HA is slightly too high and the auto-pilot during re-entry does its best to make the Shuttle plunging deep to increase friction and looses energy. That works, the reentry itself is hardcore, but the thermal shield holds. However, reaching TAEM, the Shuttle gets a wing ripped-off due to a too large speed and too large qbar for the nominal attitude it wants to take. I've tried this scenario a few times, we can survive TAEM and the too high qbar by taking manual control there and starting to fly upwards.


Second story, 3rd aerobraking slightly more fine-tuned, it lands onto an orbit with HA=450nm, and we adjust HP to 36nm still landing at Vandenberg. The timelapse starts just before the adjustment burn over Australia. In this scenario, we actually lack quite some energy but the AP manages to deal with it. You get the story till "Wheels stop!" at Vandenberg Air Force Base.


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