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navion adf and compass cards

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Re: navion adf and compass cards

Postby wlbragg » Mon Jan 07, 2019 7:02 pm

Sorry @dilbert I missed @WoodSTokk solution. That explains my confusion as well as to why it wasn't available in the property tree.

Good deal, I actually like this aircraft and wish I had time to add some eye candy and ALS features to it.
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Re: navion adf and compass cards

Postby WoodSTokk » Mon Jan 07, 2019 8:46 pm

@wlbragg: that would be nice! I saw this aircraft the first time now only for investigation, but i must say its a realy nice model.
I'm not so happy with the FDM, especialy while taxiing (jumpy oversteering or understeering), but the model is great.

I have also found the other bugs. The other devices (adf, com-radio, nav-radio, transponder) are also missed in the 'instrumentation.xml'.
The second problem is that the devices use there own tree. As example the ADF (this is a Bedix/King KR87) work under '/instrumetation/kr87/' while the adf itself work under '/instrumetation/adf/'. I have nothing to say against a own sub-tree, but the standard features of a device should kept in the right place.
I do this also in the Citation-II, there I have the ADF control from Collins (CTL-62). But all standard features will be hold under 'adf/'. Only the extra features go under 'ctl62/'.
If i have enough spare time, i will repair the radio devices.
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Re: navion adf and compass cards

Postby dilbert » Tue Jan 08, 2019 12:29 am

Regarding the Navion low HP/RPM, my temporary fix was as follows:

In Ryan-Navion\navion-yasim.xml where it reads:

<piston-engine eng-rpm="2700"

I changed line 110, eng-power="205" to read eng-power="285"

I did so, because "205" looked like a typo preventing engine from developing full power. As a result, engine now develops 2400 RPM for take-off. Previously, engine only developed 2000 rpm at full throttle.

Kind Regards :)

P.S. woodSTokk, I think the flight dynamics are pretty good: the Navion has nice, firm controls that remind me of the T34 Mentor, which I flew in Navy primary in the late '50s, so I like flying it. :)
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