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mpmap03 is back

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mpmap03 is back

Postby Torsten » Fri Dec 28, 2018 4:17 pm

Just in case you missed it: is back again.
It is again hosted at AWS on payed resources (a service in Elastic Container Service with three replicas behind a load balancer).
It runs the docker image from the docker hub.

I also have the map running at (note: no SSL here).
This one is hosted under the free plan of and it will serve up to 150,000 requests per month.
It runs the code straight from the github source repository

The client no longer polls the server for position updates with HTTP GET requests but receives updates over a websocket.
I am hoping this change will keep the costs at AWS low and the traffic with below the 150k limit.

If you like this map and use it regularly, please consider donating with one of the buttons available in the "About" section.
All donations are used for running the FlightGear infrastructure, mainly the scenemodels database and TerraSync hosting.

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