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Change View / View Direction on other Client via LAN

Nasal is the scripting language of FlightGear.

Change View / View Direction on other Client via LAN

Postby Manus » Thu Jun 07, 2018 10:18 am

Here my Problem:

On my work we use Flightgear for Training porpose. There are 2 system, both are connected via LAN to each other.
Each system consists of 3 Computer, 1 master and 2 slaves. The master is showing the front view, the slaves left and right side views, connected via --native-fdm

Is it possible to Change the view / view direction of other Clients synchron to the view/ view direction of the master? So, if i start pan the master view, the Clients also follow the movement of the master?

I tried to add the /sim/current-view/heading-offset-deg and the /sim/current-view/pitch-offset-deg to the planes config file into the multiplayer generic protocol, but this seem to no work.

So, if you have an idea how to make this work, it would be nice to share your Knowledge.
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