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== OR released ==

OpenRadar is a standalone radar screen which connects to the FlightGear multiplayer servers. It is currently being developed.

== OR released ==

Postby wagnerw » Thu Mar 29, 2018 5:20 pm

Dear ATCs,

I have updated the download section at sourceforge. There is only one version, the latest one.

If you use OR already, simply download the JAR and replace your existing file after renaming the old one...
If you are new, please read all the documentation we have here:

Many things have been changed behind the curtain to bring OR back to work: Most significant:
* OR supports the old AND the new MP protocol at the same time. As long as we still have old clients or clients running "visible to all" I leave the old protocol active. OR sees both types of clients and can chat to both at the same time. Please remember, you clients can only chat with clients using the same protocol.
* OR support the new reception range feature that has been added to the MP protocol. If you zoom out, you will see clients from further away, max 2000NM radius, as defined by the MP protocol. You receive also their chat messages, so OR has its Chat Filter for range RNG back and enabled by default. To avoid, that your flightstripbay does not flow over, you can define your working range on the lower right of your radar screen. This setting filters the contacts in flightstrip and the visible chat message in RNG filter mode (right side, above Chat panel).

IMPORTANT: Your clients can receive your chat messages only, if YOU ARE IN THEIR reception radius. The FGFS clients will use the default 100NM radius. So they will not read your chat messages >100NM radius. Use FGCOM or mumble...

I have also updated data files like the SID/STAR routes taken from repository. Thank you for your patience! Happy Easter!


PS: Thanks to all the contributors! And big thanks to Jomo who has tested this version!
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Re: == OR released ==

Postby Michat » Thu Mar 29, 2018 6:11 pm

Easter Egg for you Wolfram.
Thanks for your long time support of this your creation.

Charly Oscar Oscar Lima.
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Re: == OR released ==

Postby Richard » Thu Mar 29, 2018 6:26 pm

wagnerw wrote in Thu Mar 29, 2018 5:20 pm:....Please remember, you clients can only chat with clients using the same protocol.

Just to clarify[1]

  1. If you are running FG2017.2 or later you should be able receive messages from any other MP user regardless of their protocol or FG version. 2017.1 clients will not receive your chat messages. This can lead to frustration and the feeling of being ignored.
  2. If you are running FG2017.1 or earlier you will not be able to receive chat messages from clients in 2017.2 mode; although you will still see their aircraft.
  3. 2017.2 (or later) can chat freely regardless of the protocol in use; FlightGear will convert between the two.
[1] I say clarify, which is my intention, although often my explanations only serve to further confuse.
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Re: == OR released ==

Postby wagnerw » Thu Mar 29, 2018 7:58 pm

Thanks Richard, that means, I can simplify. Wonderful. Happy Easter Holidays!
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