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KCRW 2 Runways

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KCRW 2 Runways

Postby jestepp65 » Wed Feb 21, 2018 7:07 pm

Hello all,

I visited my local airport today and i noticed that there are 2 runways. Runway 05-23 are the only one that we have this day in time. There use to be an old runway but it was shutdown by the FAA because of the National Guard put a new hangar up and it was too close to the runway. Is there a way that i can remove this and put it as a taxi way?

As well, runway 23 (main runway) has mountain covering the main part of it. How can i remove the mountain covering the runway. I can't take off on it because of the mountain and if i takeoff from 5 and need the full runway, i will need the full runway and it crashes the game when i hit the mountain. Not a crash crash, but like the airplane has crashed lol.

Any help is appreciated! :D
Best Regards,
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Re: KCRW 2 Runways

Postby dilbert » Thu Feb 22, 2018 9:38 am

Took forever to download and load. End of runway was covered with trees, just above the base of which ran a 30 ft thick green strip, with the the trunks extending below
and above. Had to do a short field takeoff to clear. Lots of mountains. Field sits on sort of a mesa-100 ft white cliffs on two sides.

Obviously, there was an airport placement problem-two sides of the airport are raised above the terrain, while the other sides slide beneath. Found airport location and elevation correct with UFO, so that's not the problem. Wish I could help further, but will have to defer to Torsten and the experts. Best Regards

Charleston town elevation is reported to be 909 feet. Charleston Yeager 947 feet.
FG GPS for Yeager showed elevation to be 921. FG GPS Charleston City level to be 587 feet, where actual is reported as 909-a 312 foot discrepancy. Small wonder airport attachment was a problem. Surprised SRTM-1 one arc second resolution wasn't sufficient to render better terrain here. If 1 degree is 60 NM, an arc minute 1 NM, and an arc sec .0167 NM or 101 feet on a great circle, how can West Virginia terrain be that far off for some elevations?
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