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Looking for specific variables

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Looking for specific variables

Postby NelsonB » Mon Jan 08, 2018 4:24 pm

Hi there,
I am interfacing FlightGear with some simulation models, and I need access to specific data for some calculations, unfortunately I am not an aircraft specialist and I am not sure if some values I am looking for are just not available under the property tree or if they have a name different from the one I am looking for.
So here is the variable list, with a short description:

    Wander Azimuth Angle: Current angle which the navigation frame is rotated around the z axis with respect to the geodetic frame
    Heading RelativeTo Grid North: Current yaw with respect to grid north
    Heading Angle (stability axes) : Current direction the aircraft’s nose is pointing measured in the stability axes reference frame
    True Track Angle: Direction of aircraft movement over the Earth’s surface
    Landing Gear Braking force: Landing Gear Braking force
    Landing Gear wheel angle: Steering wheel angle
    Coefficient of Lift: Coefficient relating to the aircraft's lift
    Lift: Current lift of aircraft (in lbs)
    Coefficient of Drag and Drag

I already had a look to several resources, including: ... properties ... _reference

And still have no clue on these variables.

So if anyone can direct me to the right entry in the property tree...

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Re: Looking for specific variables

Postby Thorsten » Mon Jan 08, 2018 6:02 pm

Especially for YaSim, I suspect several of the aero coefficients may not be exposed to the property tree.

It seems relatively straightforward to simply compute all you need using property rules - you may have to spend a day to learn the syntax and general implementation, but once you're done you can just go ahead and compute whatever you want from the content of /position /orientation /velocity and /acceleration
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