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LFSN file route

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LFSN file route

Postby difou » Tue Dec 26, 2017 7:54 pm


I am a beginner, I have installed OpenRadar & fgfs there are 3 days and looking for info on the plane speak :-P here is what I did.

This is the LFSN airport route file.
I have not finished but it is already well advanced.
Have to improve again and add some element.
Code to copy and place in the directory .../OpenRadar/data/routes/LFSN/

Code: Select all
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<!-- This file contains the star and sid of RW 03 -->
   <addPoint code="SN404" point="48.4898333333,6.1558055556"/>
   <addPoint code="SN406" point="48.5136388889,6.0868611111"/>
   <addPoint code="SN408" point="48.568833333,6.1314166667"/>
   <addPoint code="SN410" point="48.7145,6.2495555555"/>

   <route name="LFSN Major navaids">
      <navaids color="255,255,0">EPL,NE,SN404,SN406,SN408,SN410</navaids>
   <route name="LFSB Wait loops">
      <loop navpoint="EPL" inboundHeading="272" length="7" arrows="both" minHeight="4000" maxHeight="MAX 7000" stroke="dots" />
   <route name="DEP RW03 Sect OTHER">
      <line start="LFSN" end="10NM27@LFSN" text="27°" />
      <line start="10NM27@LFSN" end="15NM27@LFSN" arrows="end" />
      <text position="15.5NM27@LFSN" text="Other Sector 5% climb Alt 2000" />
   <route name="DEP RW03 Sect EAST">
      <intercept start="10NM27@LFSN" startHeading="27" end="12NM45@SN410" endHeading="117" radius="2.6" direction="right" arrows="end" text="Sect East 6% at Alt 1200 Turn right 6% until Alt 1380"/>
   <route name="DEP RW21">
      <line start="LFSN" end="10NM207@LFSN" text="207°" />
      <line start="10NM207@LFSN" end="15NM207@LFSN" arrows="end" />
      <text position="15.5NM207@LFSN" text="4.3% climb Alt 2000" />
   <route name="IAC 03">
      <restriction position="2NM117@SN404" maxspeed="170" notbelow="3300" stroke="line,2" font="Courier" fontSize="10"/>
      <restriction position="2NM255@SN406" maxspeed="170" notbelow="3300" stroke="line,2" font="Courier" fontSize="10"/>
      <restriction position=".5NM270@SN408" notbelow="3300" stroke="line,2" font="Courier" fontSize="10"/>
      <restriction position="1NM320@SN410" maxspeed="170" stroke="line,2" font="Courier" fontSize="10"/>
      <line start="EPL" end="SN406" text="4° - 12 NM" arrows="end" />
      <line start="SN406" end="LFSN-RW21" text="027° (028.2°T)" arrows="end" />
      <line start="LFSN-RW03" end="SN410" arrows="end" stroke="dots" />
      <curve start="SN410" end="14NM27@SN404" controlPoint="5NM50@SN410" stroke="dots" />
      <line start="14NM27@SN404" end="SN404" text="14" arrows="end" stroke="dots" />
      <line start="SN404" end="EPL" text="199° 11NM" arrows="end" stroke="dots" />
      <line start="SN404" end="SN406" text="296°" arrows="end" />
   <!-- Zones reglementes -->
   <route name="R 110 A" color="255,0,0">
      <multiPointLine close="false">
      <bow center="N48°36'05'',E6°03'28''" radius="2" startAngle="117" extentAngle="318" text="R 110 A" />
   <route name="R 110 B" color="255,0,0">

Thanks for the good job (openradar & fgfs), sorry for the translation, for complaints see with g.og.e ^^

EDIT: The references
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Re: LFSN file route

Postby wagnerw » Mon Mar 26, 2018 3:59 pm

Hello Difou,

I have added your file to the routes repository and will include it in next OR update!
You are invited to contribute here:

Thank you for your work!!

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