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Helipads - automatic generation from OSM Data

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Helipads - automatic generation from OSM Data

Postby slawekmikula » Tue Sep 12, 2017 8:54 am

Hi all,

I have an idea, and would ask more experienced FG developers for an advice. Right now we have some helistop/helipads defined in airports data. OSM data have information about more or less most of helipads. There is interface for querying this data with query-to-map:

For instance looking for helipads in south-easter part of poland gives: ... reas-infos and with screen:


I was wondering, how this data can be converted to FG heliport data. There is some movement in FG missions and this information could be useful to create all helipads for hospitals etc.
Of course this should:
  • Generate appropriate information for airport data (apt.dat)
  • Generate scenery objects in

And my questions are:
  • Good/bad idea ?
  • Where to define helipad airports - in FG or through xplane gateway ? Custom scenery ?
  • Automatically place helipads on scenery ? Some helipads are mounted on buildings, and if it should generate this building automatically (don't know if OSM data has this kind of information though).
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