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12th August, 8pm UK time. Corsican Copter Cruise

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12th August, 8pm UK time. Corsican Copter Cruise

Postby StuartC » Sun Aug 06, 2017 8:25 am

12th August, 8pm UK time. Corsican Copter Cruise.

This is for Airbus family choppers only.

From the FGUK hanger:-
BK117: - ... b-bk117-b2 RECOMMENDED

Tiger:- ... c665-tiger

AS350 ... rel-a-star RECOMMENDED

EC145:- ... pter-ec145 RECOMMENDED

Gazelle ( the French one ):- ... nd-gazelle RECOMMENDED

Puma:- ... 0-puma-v02

From the FG main hanger:-
BO105 ... /



alouette-ii RECOMMENDED

Dauphin ... pareil.htm

alouette-III ... pareil.htm

alouette-II ... 011.tar.gz

Super Frelon ... pareil.htm

The Route:-
LFKF - Figari - Sud. Start point.
LFKO - Propriano
LFKJ - Ajaccio Napoleon Bonaparte
LFKG - Ghisonaccia Alzitone
LFKT - Aerodrome de Corte
LFKC - Sainte Catherine Airport
LFKB - Bastia-poretta - End point

Airspeed will be governed by the choppers attending, but should be no more that 120kts. Its a sight seeing tour.

All voice coms will be using TS3:- ... er-details
There will be no typing and flying choppers

Main event thread:- ... uise#34977
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