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Cessna 550/551 Citation II

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Cessna 550/551 Citation II

Postby JosCiv » Mon Jul 24, 2017 4:10 pm


I just downloaded the Cessna 550/551 Citation II because it looks so awesome and it comes with a tutorial but there is my problem. When I want to follow the tutorial I keep getting stuck on the part where my left engine needs to be at 20%RPM because the engine doesn't do anything at all.
I tried restarting multiple times or reloading the aircraft and materials and so on but that didn't change anything. Also when I was to desperate and wanted to fly the plane I hit the autostart button and nothing happend.

I'm using a Dark Tornado Joystick on my FG 2017.2.1.

Does anyone got a solution for me? I really love the looks on this plane...

Thanks in advance!
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