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2016 f-14 nav instrument

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2016 f-14 nav instrument

Postby dilbert » Wed Jan 11, 2017 12:54 pm

2016.4.3 Win 10 Intel I3 Nvidia GEforce 210 F14-B

In the 2016.4.3 version of the F14b, the VOR-like instrument below the VDI appears to have been relegated to dummy status. In the older version it acted like a VOR (had radial indication and CDI) plus DME, but tuned to a TACAN frequency; which was handy cross-country as VORTAC VHF frequencies could be cross-referenced to TACAN frequencies. Don't know what future plans are for this instrument, but would hope that the VOR-like operation might be restored , but made tunable to VHF frequencies, so as to actually work as a VOR (which would be handy in Europe); and would also hope that the TACAN direction might be displayed by arrow token on the dial periphery, in like manner to the A6.
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