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Changes to ATIS in 2016.2.0

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Changes to ATIS in 2016.2.0

Postby sanhozay » Sun Apr 24, 2016 10:42 am

I have made a few fixes and improvements to spoken ATIS and these have been merged. If you are running 2016.2.0 you may notice some changes:


1. Interpret offline sensors at AWOS stations for weather and sky cover, so avoiding NIL metar if the weather is "//" or clouds contain "BKN020///", etc.
2. The word "wind" pronounced winned rather than whined.
3. Wind 00000KT reported as "calm".
4. Wind VRB??KT reported as "variable ?? knots".
5. Significant zeroes spoken in QNH, e.g. "three zero decimal zero niner".
6. Wind variation reported if applicable, e.g. "varying between x and y".
7. Duplicate use of "airport" removed, e.g. "Brussels Airport airport information" becomes "Brussels airport information".
8. CAVOK is pronounced "CAV okay"
9. Altimeter in inches reported correctly


1. US voice used for US/Canada/Pacific ICAO codes, UK voice used for UK, other ICAO codes continue to use a random selection.
2. Custom ATIS formats for the US/Canada/Pacific and UK.

The US/Canada/Pacific custom format follows the general format used for airports in North America. The custom format for the UK follows the general format used by NATS in the UK. Everywhere else is unchanged. This does mean the US/Canada/Pacific now only reports altimeter in inches and the UK only reports QNH in hPa. If the aircraft doesn't help with the conversion, the Instrumentation menu does.

If you use a nightly or are pulling flightgear from Git, you will also need to update fgdata to hear all of these changes. Note that if you update fgdata and don't update your nightly or pull flightgear, you will hear a strange, incomplete ATIS.

Example of North America format
Code: Select all
Boston Logan Intl airport information victor. one zero five four zulu. Winned three four zero at seven. Visibility one zero. No cloud. Temperature six, dewpoint minus seven. Altimeter three zero zero three. i l s  approach runway three three  is in use. Departure runway three three .. Advise on initial contact you have information victor..

Example of UK format
Code: Select all
Leeds Bradford airport information charlie. Time one one two zero. Runway in use three two.. Expect i l s approach. Surface winned three zero zero, one zero knots. Visibility one zero kilometers or more. few three thousand one hundret feet scattered four thousand six hundret feet.. Temperature plus seven, dewpoint zero. QNH one zero two zero. Transition level flight level six zero. Acknowledge receipt of information charlie and advise aircraft type on first contact..

(The apparent mis-spellings are to help the pronunciation).
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