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FjordAir - The virtual airline of Norway

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FjordAir - The virtual airline of Norway

Postby D-ECHO » Sun Mar 13, 2016 3:38 pm

Hello and welcome to FjordAir, the virtual regional airline serving airports and cities all over Norway.

How to sign up?
You don't have to sign up - just leave a message in this topic.
How to start flying for FjordAir?
First you have to show us that you are able to fly - therefor a minimum flight time of 20 minutes with one of our training aircraft and the aircraft you plan to fly your routes with.
Our Aircrafts
For the aircraft, you can choose from:
-class I aircraft (serving routes between regional hubs):
-EchoAir ea512 "Cruiser"
-Embraer E-Jet 170
-Embraer E-Jet 175
-Bombardier CRJ-700
-Bombardier C-Series (if this is anywhere available... ?)
-Airbus A319/320/321 (normal/neo/ceo)
-Boeing 737 (all variants)
-class II aircraft (serving routes between regional airports or regional airports and regional hubs)
-EchoAir ea64 "Scorpion"
-Bombardier Q series 200
-Beechcraft 1900D
-Dornier 228
-class III aircraft (serving seaplane landing sites):
-Evektor EV-55 Amphibian (soon)
-DeHavilland/Viking Air DHC6-300/-400 Amphibian
-Trainer Aircraft:
-Robin DR400 (all variants)
-Cessna 172
-Cessna 182
-Tecnam P2010
-Pipistrel Panthera
When your training flight is accepted, you can start and do your first normal flight.
Submitting PIREPs
When you have finished your flight (on!!!!)), submit a report over our PIREP form: ... M/viewform
Filed PIREPs will usually be validated in 1-2 days.
How to pick a route?
It's pretty easy, there are three classes of landing places: Regional hubs, regional airports and cities served by seaplane.
You just pick a departure point and an arrival point and ... fly!
CLASS I - regional hubs - runway length of >2000m:
ENAL - Alesund-Vigra
ENTC - Tromso
ENGM - Oslo Gardermoen
ENVA - Trondheim Vaernes
ENBR - Bergen Flesland
ENBO - Bodo
ENZV - Stavanger
CLASS II - regional airports - runway length of >500m:
ENKR - Kirkenes
ENVD - Vadso
ENBS - Batsfjord
ENBV - Berlevag
ENNA - Banak
ENHF - Hammerfest
ENAT - Alta
ENHK - Hasvik
ENSR - Sorkjosen
ENDU - Bardufoss
ENAN - Andoya
ENEV - Evenes
ENNK - Narvik
ENSK - Stokmarknes/Skagen
ENSH - Svolvaer/Helle
ENLK - Leknes
ENRS - Rost
ENRA - Moirana
ENMS - Mosjoen
ENST - Sandnessjoen
ENBN - Bronnoy
ENRM - Rorvik
ENNM - Namsos
ENOL - Orland
ENKB - Kristiansund Kvernberget
ENML - Molde Aro
ENOV - Orsta Volden
ENSD - Sandane
ENSG - Sogndal
ENFL - Floro
ENBL - Forde Bringeland
ENSO - Stord
ENHD - Haugesund
ENCN - Kristiansand
ENTO - Torp
ENNO - Notodden
ENFG - Fagernes
CLASS III - cities served by seaplane:
A (from Leknes)
Moskenes (from Leknes)
Vaeroy (from Rost)

...more to come...
Pilots get reward points per minutes/hours flown. More reward points result in higher rankings.
Reward points:
10 minutes - 1 point
30 minutes - 2 points
1 hour - 4 points
2 hours - 7 points
each additional hour: 3 points
Training flights are not rewarded.
Pilots get rankings based on their reward points collected:
New Pilot - 0 points and no training session
Trainee - 0 points with training session
Copilot - 1-3 points
Beginning Pilot - 3-8 points
Pilot - 8 - 12 points
Skilled Pilot - 12 - 20 points
Advanced Pilot - 20-40 points
Master Pilot - over 40 points

Leave a message to join.
FjordAir - as individual as you are
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