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GPU does not seem to be recognized

Graphics issues like: bad framerates, weird colors, OpenGL errors etc. Bad graphics ar usually the result of bad graphics cards or drivers.
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- what OS (Windows Xp/Vista, Mac etc.) are you running?
- what FlightGear version do you use?
- what graphics card do you have?
- does the problem occur with any aircraft, at any airport?
- is there any output printed to the console (black window)?
- copy&paste your commandline (tick the "Show commandline box on the last page of FGRun or the "Others" section on the Mac launcher).
- please upload a screenshot of the problem.

If you experience FlightGear crashes, please report a bug using the issue tracker (can be also used for feature requests).
To run FlightGear on old computers with bad OpenGL support, please take a look at this wiki article. If you are seeing corrupted/broken textures, please see this article.

Note: If you did not get a reponse, even after 7 days, you may want to check out the FlightGear mailing lists to ask your question there.

GPU does not seem to be recognized

Postby robmar83 » Wed Aug 19, 2015 12:13 am

I am trying to run v3.4 but the software does not seem to be taking advantage of my new GPU. All drivers are up to date. My card is not listed in the command prompt when the program is loading. Can anyone help?

System spec:
16Gb Ram
Windows 10 64Bit
AMD R9 390 8Gb GPU

Please help!
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Re: GPU does not seem to be recognized

Postby Hooray » Thu Aug 20, 2015 4:40 pm

Hi & welcome,

your hardware specs look like you should be able to run FG quite decently.
It seems that for some reason your OpenGL setup (hardware/drivers and software) may not (yet) be working as expected.
To see if that's the case, please disregard FG for now and simply run OpenGL/GLSL diagnostics (or benchmarks) - once you are able to run arbitrary OpenGL/GLSL software, you can revisit installing, configuring and using FG.
Please don't send support requests by PM, instead post your questions on the forum so that all users can contribute and benefit
Thanks & all the best,
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Re: GPU does not seem to be recognized

Postby Thorsten » Thu Aug 20, 2015 4:46 pm

Maybe I'm misunderstanding something, but I'm confused about the expectation of the card showing on the command prompt (I assume that's the console window?).

Mine isn't shown either upon loading, nor do I think it should be shown. More useful is the graphics/OpenGL information under Help/About in-sim. What does that say?
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