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LIMITED TIME OFFER: Free domain email!

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LIMITED TIME OFFER: Free domain email!

Postby MSA-S23 » Thu Jan 22, 2015 5:10 pm

Hey all,

I have registered a domain e-mail service and I currently have 9 slots left. Would anyone like a free (Free!) StarJet Airways personalized e-mail address?

1. You have to be invloved in StarJet in some way. If you aren't, mosey over to our website ( and apply!
2. After you have the e-mail, you cannot quit StarJet or deactivate your e-mail in any way. I am superadministrator, I WILL KNOW!
3. Please don't use this e-mail address for signing up for accounts. I mean it is fine if you do use it for some accounts, but don't use this e-mail only for that.
4. Don't spam.

That's all! If you do want a private email domain, head on to and hit contact!

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