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Postby N-SCOT » Mon Jul 01, 2013 7:27 pm

I ascendenth to my soapbox...


I have enjoyed FG now for getting on 8 years, not as much as some but more than many. The attraction for me is the open source nature of the project, the imagination and talents of many of its users, their generosity and invaluable help to experienced, average and new users alike.

I have noticed, perhaps in the last 2-3 years, that this matrix of wonderfulness is losing steam. I personally put this down to two central issues.

1. Infighting.

I have seldom seen such pathetic and puerile jabs amongst Forum members regarding points both large and small. In some instances people are right to point out differences of opinion, but far from educating or simply presenting another viewpoint they lambast, insult and decry. This kind of static only serves to push people away, and much actual and potential talent may be lost to the community at large. Perhaps a poignant example of this might be the constant Yasim / JSBsim shenanigans. Yes, I understand the merits and weaknesses in both, but would contend the following - if someone, anyone contributes to the community at large with either a yasim or jsbsim model, I say "thank you". I don't piss and moan about how I don't like this and that. I accept the offering in good grace and with the knowledge that someone's effort went into it, even if I'd hope for something different or more. To do less is inherently destructive to this community.

2. Licensing

With regard to licensing, I believe that it behooves the community to use and support models that are every bit as open source as Flight Gear, without restriction upon distribution or modification. Oftentimes new(er) contributors will learn by modification of existing models, and should such a mod be worthy of distribution then it simply should be out there for all to enjoy. Perhaps due to point #1 there are some developers who have chosen a more restrictive license setup to prevent modifications (Non-commercial, non-derivative). If so, then this is a poor reflection on the individuals who have precipitated them to take such a position. However, I doubt that this move is helpful to the FG community at large, however.

So in closing, I'd like to thank ALL contributors for their efforts, and ask that you do all you can to help new developers. Disagree if you must, but do it with respect. And anything added to the compendium of FG is something ADDED, not a negative.

I now detach myself from the soapbox. Hmmm...a beer would go down real good about now... :D

Gary Brown
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Re: Rant

Postby 439Tiger » Mon Jul 01, 2013 9:00 pm


Or maybe a wee dram of Balvenie Doublewood? :wink:
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Re: Rant

Postby chris_blues » Tue Jul 30, 2013 12:21 am

I completely agree with you! (Whatever this soapbox-thing means :) )

It's a pity that sometimes we put our wishes ahead of what we've got! I guess it's only human! But we need to remind ourselves about that every time we try to critizise some work that has been done. Defenitely I count myself in on that one!

But anyway, thanks on your statement, being not a developer, I can only say, I see your point!

Don't hesitate to let me know if I'm incorrect or just annoying! As long as you do it gently! :)
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