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Reporting back on some LiDAR research...

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Re: Reporting back on some LiDAR research...

Postby Hooray » Thu Jul 25, 2013 7:51 pm

I'm setting up a GUI and toolset for windows users to run all the terragear tools transparently, and this is the one that is currently bringing down my whole show. ... ild_server

Not sure if we talked about it or not, but the most promising suggestion we've seen so far boils down to shipping TG as part of a virtual appliance (VirtualBox/VMWare based) and then simply interfacing with it via a conventional browser - I don't think that we have a dedicated wiki article about it, but a number of folks have considered that option to be the most viable/portable one, without benefiting just a single platform/OS.

In addition, I think that psadro_gm & papillon81 once talked about packaging certain TG parts in some form of GRASS/QGIS plugins - so in the long run some combination of these two approaches would seem pretty promising. And Gijs said, there's then also the TG GUI which he is developing/maintaining pretty actively.

Modifying the TG GUI to talk to a conventional Linux VPS (server) in order to access a pre-installed TG toolchain would be another viable option, which would also help make TG more accessible to end-users (there should be a separate thread about this idea somewhere).
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Re: Reporting back on some LiDAR research...

Postby chriscalef » Fri Jul 26, 2013 4:23 pm

Re: compiling TG on windows, yeah, it was pretty painful, if I remember correctly I think most of my pain was probably revolving around getting the right OpenSceneGraph version, although it appears that GDAL is causing me no small amount of difficulty now as well...

Re: the platform, and TerraGUI, I should have elaborated more but my current project is actually not just a windows TG GUI, but actually a Unity editor extension, designed specifically for Unity users of my modified "World Server" FG branch. This is why I couldn't just use TerraGUI and why I'm only concerned about windows users for the moment (The Unity Game Editor only runs in windows, even though you can export games to many other platforms.)

Here's what I have so far:


As you can see, I'm aiming for short and sweet, without as much functionality as TerraGUI, at least for starters (although I am quite jealous of the map page, I may have to do something like that before I'm done. And I do need a list page for materials like you have there, mine simply requires the user to run each layer through ogr-decode separately and then remember them all in the "work folders" line down below when they're ready to construct.)

One thing I do not need and wouldn't want to confuse my users with is the Airports page from TerraGUI - since nobody's flying airplanes in my app, they have much less relevance than they do in FG. ;-) And then I need what I have plus quite a bit more for the process of actually starting my FlightGear instance, with whatever control parameters I can extend to the GUI.

Being locked into Windows does allow me to circumvent the ordinary complications of making everything cross-platform-compatible, however - in my particular case, I can simply ship windows 32 bit binaries and get on with life.

If only gdalchop would run for me, I'd be all the way in, but for now hgtchop with SRTM-1 data is good enough to prove the point.
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Re: Reporting back on some LiDAR research...

Postby f-ojac » Fri Jul 26, 2013 5:02 pm

And what is your overall goal with this?
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Re: Reporting back on some LiDAR research...

Postby chriscalef » Fri Jul 26, 2013 5:17 pm

Check out my original posting on the subject here (might want to grab a cup of coffee, there's a lot of 'splainin to do...)

My immediate goal with this GUI is to streamline the process for an average Unity user, and with any luck get my Unity code into the Asset Store as a terrain/skybox product.

I'm in the process of retrofitting the above described prototype so as to allow it to save out an array of finished Unity terrains and skyboxes, using the data provided once by flightgear during development, and then page through this precompiled data at runtime. This way the end user never has to have flightgear or terragear installed, they just run the Unity game, and only the developer has to deal with the flightgear side of things.
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Re: Reporting back on some LiDAR research...

Postby Alant » Sun Mar 27, 2016 8:51 pm

Did the gdalchop on windows issues mentioned in this topic get resolved?
I am having the same problems as chricalef.
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