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FGAnswers Born

Postby Michat » Sun Jul 03, 2011 4:13 pm

FGAnswers is attempt to provide an easy way to find first hand brief information around the massive info-data that FG generates. Michat has been designed the basis of the system giving space to all available languages as posibble in order to reach as many pilots and devs as FG used to enjoy.

FGAnswers, offers all kind of freedom services for you:
Live Chat Support
Flight Center
Training Center
FGSoft Center
ATC Center
VA Center.

From easy FAQ's to the deepest Q's.
Classic routes
Flying techniques
Fly essentials

and more....

With almost infinite possibilities, for sure that FGAnswers will need your help, but how?
Just Easy, using it for free, with honor and honesty.

Ask now

Remarks: most of the virtual FG Airlines don have emaiI contact in their web pages. Please all those who want to be our freedom partner. Contact us

Michat will be out of the cockpit for 2 months.

Happy answers, have a good summer.
DC3-forever. /// * * * ;)
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