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mpserver08 drops all packages with same message  

Postby Quix0r » Wed Mar 02, 2011 10:26 am

My mp-server does currently drop all incoming packages, all with the same message:
Code: Select all
02.03.2011 11:07:46 fgms: Sending player not found in m_PlayerList in HandlePacket()!

I use latest GIT code and have an out-of-source-tree build. Please check this link for all configuration:

I have also included two dump files which has been generated with "netcat -u -p 5000 -l -o fgms00x.dump":
- fgms001.dump.bz2: Generated on server to test if UDP packages can reach my box -> works!
- fgms001.dump.bz2: Generated on a second computer in my network if fgfs does send UDP packages to it -> works!

Please help here, I would like to help the FG community with my (fast ping!) server. :)

Edit: The bug is found and a fix will be available soon! Solved.
Admin of mpserver08: running latest GIT version: v0.13.3 - User:Quix0r
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