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c172p-detailed replaces the c172p in FGDATA next with submod

c172p-detailed replaces the c172p in FGDATA next with submod

Postby IAHM-COL » Tue Jun 02, 2015 4:30 pm

The c172p-detailed replaces the c172p in FGDATA next with submodules

Dear @ALL

Today the FGDATA next with submodules has a significant change.
The default classical cessna c172p is replaced by the c172p-detailed project: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=25157

What does this mean?

It means that FGDATA next with submodules does not fetch the c172p from FGDATA next

Instead, the c172p was removed from the submodules repository : ... it_browser [4d220]
and then the c172p-detailed submodule had been transferred to the new path c172p : [8b587]

The main consequence of this is that starting today, FGDATA next with submodules c172p aircraft is simply the most up-to-date development status of the master branch of the detailed project. And it will continue following this tip of development for the meantime

But, the c172p in FGDATA next will be a frozen status of the detailed project! (?)

Not for the submodules approach.
As you may recall, the FGDATA next with submodules tipically follows the most updated versions of the aircraft available. Not stable frozen releases. This allows an increased base of user-tester, and allow the users also to experience the most updated aircraft (even sometimes the bleeding edge)

The detailed team is on its way to produce a released tag for the stable status, which will also be able to be checked-out in the submodule for an stable status. But, once again, the tip of the submodule is going to be following the developmental tip

This system allows also developers of this aircraft to have a clean installation of the c172p project within fgroot, and thus test their newest creations

This as opposed to redirect flightgear to a second version of this aircraft over --fg-aircraft path
(given that both -set.xml files are identically named, it is a bit complex to predict what FG is loading on any given case!)

Therefore, developers of the c172p-detailed are invited to use the FGDATA next with submodules to facilitate this task! :D

Recovering the historical commits of the c172p in FGDATA

The major caveat of this complete aircraft replacement is that the historical commits over FGDATA would had been lost on the complete replacement.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all the -detailed team, and particularly Wlbragg, for their assistance in recovering all the historical information directly on their repository.

So, not a single bit of information is being lost in this transfer.

Flying the Good-old classical Cessna? Is it gone for ever?

since the historical commits were presserved, (once again, Kuddos to the detailed team and Wlbragg), it is technically possible and easily doable to switch over the classical c172p aircraft.

Furthermore, the FGMEMBERs repository had created a tagged release with the status of the classical c172p as it flew on FG3.4

(for the sentimental ones, for comparison purposes, for archiving purposes, etc)

After initializing and updating the submodule, ( or cloning the FGMEMBERs c172p-detailed downstream branch:
#execute this commands in the root of FGDATA Next with submodules
Code: Select all
git pull #this requires and updated FGDATA next with submodules
git submodule init Aircraft/c172p
git submodule update Aircraft/c172p

You can switch the c172p over the classical cessna and in one few steps have a reversion to this past
#execute this commands in the root of FGDATA Next with submodules
Code: Select all
cd Aircraft/c172p
git checkout Classical-FG3.4

Then fly away on the c172p, which is going to be the classical one, not the detailed version

Returning to the default

If you switch the submodule over the classical, to switch back over the default detailed cessna, simply re-update the submodule
#execute this commands in the root of FGDATA Next with submodules
Code: Select all
git submodule update Aircraft/c172p


Enjoy this exciting project,
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