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[Support] Coordinates for OSM background and elevation map

ATC-pie is a radar air traffic control simulation program for the FlightGear multi-player network.

[Support] Coordinates for OSM background and elevation map

Postby nocusuzo » Sat Jun 02, 2018 9:37 pm

To download the OSM background I go to System>Tools>Download an OSM background and the click on Full map range but it always give me an HTTP 400 error when I try to download it.

I can't understand how the coordinates work. For me they appear like this:
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NW point spec: KSFO>360,100>270,100
SE point spec: KSFO>180,100>090,100

These aren't valid latitude/longitude values.
How can I reduce the size of the image so I can try to download the background image without the HTTP 400 error?


I also can't understand what kind of coordinates the script uses, I tried copy pasting the coordinates generated by the OSM background generator but it gives an error saying ValueError: bad corners. Then I used Google maps to get the latitude/longitude coordinates and used those on the script, it generated the output file that I moved to resources/elev/KSFO.elev but it doesn't seem to work, when I shift-right click it doesn't show anything that I have noticed.

What coordinates should I use on
How do I know the elevation map I added is correct?
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Re: [Support] Coordinates for OSM background and elevation m

Postby mickybadia » Mon Jun 04, 2018 3:49 pm

You can forget about the OSM tile download feature. I am removing it because it has been failing since soon after I introduced it. I suspect it was seen as an anonymous overuse of the tile rendering server, despite my warning it should be parsimonious.


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Usage: ./ <nw> <se> <prec_metres> [-- <fgelev_cmd>]

I am adding the following text to the README, for clarification: "Replace <nw> and <se> with the cordinates of the North-West and South-East corners of the area you want to cover with your map (it should cover all airport taxiways and runways). Argument <prec_metres> is the minimum precision you want to generate the map with, in metres between the plotted points. The flatter your field is, the larger this value can be. You may provide a full path to the "fgelev" executable if needed (last argument <fgelev_cmd>)."

The format of <nw> and <se> is the standard lat/lon with comma without space. If you want to retrieve them from ATC-pie, run at the target airport, tick the "Log coordinates of radar measurements" menu option and use the right click&drag tool on the radar.

Once your elev map loads on start, you should be able to see an elevation in feet under the scope while measuring, or "N/A" if outside of the covered area.
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