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Version update: 1.4.3

ATC-pie is a radar air traffic control simulation program for the FlightGear multi-player network.

Version update: 1.4.3

Postby mickybadia » Sun Apr 29, 2018 9:48 am

A couple of minor bugs removed, including one that had been around for a very long time with some Qt font config's: text labels no more cut off near radar navigation points.

Added features:
  • text chat history time limit and clear options: see text chat tab in general settings and panel "opts" menu
  • handover range setting for FG multi-player sessions (recently made possible with OpenRadar's update): you can now hand planes over to remote airports when controlling large sectors, or reduce visible ATCs to those nearby when playing GND for example
  • abort drag-and-drop vectoring instructions with right mouse button press while dragging
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