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NEW RELEASE! v1.4: workspace windows

ATC-pie is a radar air traffic control simulation program for the FlightGear multi-player network.

NEW RELEASE! v1.4: workspace windows

Postby mickybadia » Thu Oct 05, 2017 9:48 pm

Upgraded today with the most visible change being the workspace window system:
  • ability to tab, window, pop out and reclaim various things like radar viewports, rack panels, loose strip bays;
  • move racks around open rack panels;
  • neat behaviour of saving the state of your workspace automatically for your location, e.g. your radar pan & zoom levels are restored;
  • condensed selection info toolbar: allows to get rid of the large dock, useful with small screen setups.

More new stuff (as always, see ChangeLog for full list):
  • ILS/LOC info sourced from data: ILS frequency look-up and updated "LDG" graphics (LOC/GS ranges depicted)
  • distractor traffic in solo games: you do not control every radar contact you see!
  • radar colours for XPDR ranges: many TWRs have radar echo but do not interact with it. Linking is not available then, but colours can be given to XPDR codes for convenience.
  • auto-link options for identified received strips
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