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Dual Linux/Windows users:Cross-compiling FG/osgEarth for Win

osgEarth renders the terrain scene by building the textured geometry at runtime from raw source imagery and elevation data. An experimental FlightGear integration is currently available.

Dual Linux/Windows users:Cross-compiling FG/osgEarth for Win

Postby Hooray » Sun May 31, 2015 2:16 pm

Referring to: Subject: [SOLVED] Install osgEarth feature on Win7 64b with FG git
elgaton wrote:I agree completely, introducing cross-compiling support could be a good idea.

during the last two weeks, hamzaalloush and saiarcot895 have been making lots of progress using mxe/mingw to build Windows binaries on Linux. The mid-term goal here is to provide FG/osgEarth binaries for Windows end-users via cross-compiling on Linux, so that end-users no longer need to be able to patch & build FG from soure, but can just download pre-compiled binaries for 3.4 (and probably 3.6 in a few months time).

We're looking for people with access to Linux/Windows to help with testing/developing cross-compiled binaries for Windows on Linux using the mxe toolchain.

If anybody wants to get involved, please leave your system specs (OS, distro) here - so that we can grow a list of people familiar with both, Linux and Windows (alternatively, emulation/virtualization via VirtualBox/Qemu etc) - for now, we are primarily looking for people familiar with building FG from source, and ideally also familiar with using git.

Note that most testing/development is currently taking place on Ubuntu 14.04 - so people on a different distro should be prepared to do some integration/porting work (e.g. matching packages etc).

Currently, we're able to cross-compile OpenSceneGraph on Linux for Windows and run most OSG examples:

The next steps ahead are getting to compile/link via mxe, and creating corresponding for mxe, at which point we will investigate porting poweroftwo's autobuilder to use mxe instead.

People familiar with cmake/autotools or gcc internals are obviously also invited to get involved :D

For details and updates, please refer to: ... _Compiling
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Re: Dual Linux/Windows users:Cross-compiling FG/osgEarth for

Postby elgaton » Mon Jun 08, 2015 8:30 am

Though I don't have much time right now, I'm leaving my specifications here, hoping I'll be able to contribute starting from September/October:
  • Installed OSs: Arch Linux + Windows 8.1 (to be upgraded to Windows 10); since I've had access to a DreamSpark account until the last days, I'm also able to virtualize all major Microsoft OS versions (XP/Vista/7/...)
  • Familiar with Git/SVN; able to compile FlightGear under Linux
  • Current "roadblocks": slow Internet connection, some FG Windows compilation problems I still need to solve
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