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3.0.0 Ubuntu + FGCOM

Postby jomo » Fri Jan 24, 2014 4:29 pm

I was very pleased to get the Ubuntu 3.0.0 already today.
Startup and flying the first patterns with Concorde were nice - no major FGFS-problems
The only thing to set were color/shading problems - which could be solved initially by disabling Rembrandt (will look for more details later)

BUT I stopped further investigations due to severe problems with the integrated FGCom.
Can anybody help:
- How can I switch from server to
- How can I interface from the integrated FGCom to the standalone clients? Seems the port 10006 is not available any more!
- How can I set more options than just "Speaker Volume"?
- How can I monitor the whole FGCom working (more then just the 3 lines PopUp on screen - e.g. like we had in Command-Window and or FGCOMGUI).

- How can I set in in 3.0.0 "Equipment -> Radio Settings" e.g. the freq 127.320?
    input 127.325 indicates in "Radio Settings" 127.325 and displays on screen 127.325
    input 127.320 indicates in "Radio Settings" 127.32_ and displays on screen 127.325
    input 127.32_ indicates in "Radio Settings" 127.32_ and displays on screen 127.325
    --> input "_" means "blank" (I sometimes got different results - will test for details later later)

Can somebody pls help fast? I have no idea of how to support the ATC-events over the comming weekend!
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