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Permanent banning of Valery Seys / vslash / Valerio

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Permanent banning of Valery Seys / vslash / Valerio

Postby bugman » Sun Apr 28, 2019 8:35 pm

Back in February 2018, the user vslash, going by the name of Valery Seys was permanently banned from the FlightGear forum. The reason was two fold:

  • This user was promoting illegally acquired material as his own on the FlightGear forum, while simultaneously denying and obviously covering up the illegal activities - placing the FlightGear project in legal jeopardy. For example, see the threads/posts:
  • This user had made threats against members of the FlightGear community. This made some forum users very uncomfortable and threatened, asking for vlsash's removal in public and private. See the posts:

Despite having asked Curt in private to be removed from the forum, this is not why the vslash account was banned.

After a number of months we noticed in March 2018 that a new user was posting about the illegally developed Bell 412 helicopter. The user account was named Valerio. We also observed a strong geographic link between the IP addresses used by the vslash and Valerio accounts. Hence the Valerio account was terminated (completely removed, so no trace exists) and all posts removed. Our policy is that once banned, you remain banned.

Again after a few months in August 2018, a new user named was observed and linked to the Valerio and vslash accounts. As before, this account was terminated and all posts removed.

We have now in March 2019 noticed a 4th account set up by "Valery Seys". This account is Valerio.dim and the first post by this user, once again, is about the illegal Bell 412 helicopter.

We understand that there is community excitement about Valery's recent developments with the LIRF-Roma Fiumicino airport. However we are concerned about the parallels with the Bell 412 developments. In both cases textured 3D models of unknown origin were developed on a short time scale. Although the new developments may be legitimate we have concerns that they, like the Bell 412 developments, may not be legal. In any case, a user that has been banned three times already does not get another shot on the forum. Hence Valery's 4th account is banned too.
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