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Still learning how this forum works....

Questions about the forum itself, suggestions or issues with the forum software.

Still learning how this forum works....

Postby hans05 » Tue Mar 20, 2018 6:41 pm

...and for people considering to contribute -especially aircraft development- I strongly recommend to read carefully through these topics:

In addition to that you might consider that obviously there is censorship going on in this forum. In the latter topic there used to be a question how the development of the Bell 412 of Valery continues and I answered with a link to the development web page, both of which where deleted with no reason given and me not even notified (on top of that the topic was blocked, but that's a different thing).
So if you consider developing an aircraft, you need to create hard, water tight evidence and proof of your entire work history. And you better not rely on posts in this forum as proof, as they might disappear.

I suggest to the forum admins/moderators to create a todo-list for (aircraft-) developers that clearly states what is expected, what counts as proofs, what tools and processes must be used to guarantee that the work of a developer is accepted in the end. If there was such a list, developers can take a more profound decision if they really want to go forward developing here and if they go for it, it would enable them to avoid mistakes and denial of their development results after investing years of hard work.

For me personally it would be nice to have a reason, why my post with a link to the development page of the Bell 412 was deleted.
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Re: Still learning how this forum works....

Postby curt » Tue Mar 20, 2018 6:57 pm

A banned user (vslash) who was promoting pirated work (the Bell 412) had signed up with a new account and posted to one of his old threads. The new activity was deleted, the thread was locked.

If a person is a legitimate aircraft developer with specific questions about licensing, sharing, reuse, copying, distribution, etc. for their work, please feel welcome to ask those questions. Your post here has the purpose of dragging back old flame wars and has a clear argumentative intent. There is no new question here and no specific new development or new information.

Because this entire post is intended to be a launching point for arguments, I will now lock it. Please feel free to post constructively and politely, but please don't take it upon yourself to be an argument starter here.


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