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Dynamic Targets vs. Extended Models

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Dynamic Targets vs. Extended Models

Postby Hooray » Fri Apr 25, 2014 11:30 pm

Subject: Performance Evaluation, Scoring & Penalties
ludomotico wrote:Tutorials already include targets and we can build on top of these targets. They include properties /sim/tutorials/targets/NAME/distance-m and /sim/tutorials/targets/NAME/eta-min. They could include easily additional properties such as "radius", "reached" and "time-reached", the two latter properties automatically filled by the system. Missions would be more flexible if these targets are dynamic or movable from nasal space.

It's a bit of an ugly hack, but the system already supports looking for "nasal" blocks, so we could just well take that code and use it also look up "nasal" blocks inside targets, i.e. as part of the lat/lon tags, instead of being fixed positions, we would be evaluating a function for each lat/lon.

That should have all the flexibility that is needed, instead of reading lat/lon each time, Nasal blocks would be evaluated, which would allow targets to be dynamic. But for things like AI aircraft or the carrier it would still be better to directly support Nasal there, because those are 1) Models and 2) Targets.

The other option would be extending "models" not just such that it supports "nasal" blocks and AI traffic, but also a symbolic identifier (name) that can be used for lookups, that we can refer to via targets, i.e. instead of having latitude-deg/longitude-deg properties, we would simply reference a model using something like: <model>Nimitz</model>, where the target computations would then be based on the actual model rather than some pre-defined value. You could then even have SAR operations with moving targets like a "drowning walker" next to the Nimitz, or high-speed pursuits (helicopter vs. car/tank) etc
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