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Mission: Precision landing competitions

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Mission: Precision landing competitions

Postby Hooray » Fri Apr 25, 2014 12:25 am

Subject: Tutorials/Missions/Adventures: requests for features
ludomotico wrote:If some developer is looking into it, I have started to write some test missions and already hit some walls :)

My test mission will be a precision landing competition: Currently, only the landing part. Check the video in the linked page and the competition rules in Documents->Sporting code->Competition rules->precision flying

(I think this mission could be easily transformed into an acrobatics competition, for example)
Marius_A wrote:I volunteer to help creating your mission.
If you're interested, maybe we could start new topic "Mission: Precision landing competition" (the material of such topic could be used to write "mission making tutorial", and the mission itself could be the first "official" FlightGear mission :) )? ... e_Missions

Note to all contributors: If at all possible, please try to phrase your responses such that they can be easily reused for the wiki/tutorial. This can be easily accomplished normally, just pretend you're writing a tutorial and not responding on a forum :D
Please don't send support requests by PM, instead post your questions on the forum so that all users can contribute and benefit
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