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Cessna Tutorial feedback

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Cessna Tutorial feedback

Postby Necolatis » Sun Feb 10, 2013 8:22 pm

After throttling up in Cessna start-up tutorial I get this message: Deviations: 11

Edit: After seeing all tutorials ends with this I am guessing its some kind of score. But my initial thought was that it was an error and the tutorial did not finish, think that should be more clear.

In the Taxi tutorial I am asked to throttle to 20% and something else. Its only on the screen for short time, have no time to read it, and it does not get repeated.

In the prepare for take-off tutorial, it tells me to push '?' to get check-list, but that only get aircraft help. And in general I feel the messages come too fast. I also think it should mention to hide the yoke to see the instruments better and be able to click on the magnetos. At the end it says to reduce RPM to certain amount, this message is too fast I did not notice, and it does not get repeated.

If I pause the sim to get time to read a message it still fades away.

In the radio tutorial, when tuning ATIS the view keep moving away from the knob I have to turn. When listening to ATIS it wont work before I switch COM1 to speaker or phone. The tutorial forget to mention this.

In the altimeter tutorial I don't have time to proper read it all.

Also several times the tutorials tell me I can use left or right mouse button, while on Windows its left and center buttons.

The take-off tutorial tell me to do a certain heading, I looked all over the instruments to find the right one, finally spotted the compass. Maybe it should tell which instrument to look at for non-pilots, and slow people like myself. Also the compass confused me with going opposite direction than the one I banked into, but I guess that how it is in that plane.

Beside from that, I really like the tutorials, especially the last one. :)
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Re: Cessna Tutorial feedback

Postby stuart » Mon Feb 11, 2013 10:29 am

Thanks Necolatis. All good feedback, and I'll see what I can change for the next release.

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Re: Cessna Tutorial feedback

Postby PoxyPig » Thu Dec 26, 2013 1:26 pm

I too confirm that the tutorials are very good but I do echo the above comments. I have some further observations which may help to improve them.

A major problem is that the instructions do no always appear at the correct time or they stay after the action has been performed. This occurs at the start of the taxiing tutorial where the 'turn right onto taxiway Juliet' can stay on screen the whole time one is taxiing along Juliet.

Sometimes instructions are combined, making up to 4 lines which do not always stay on screen long enough to be read. A good example is towards the end of the landing tutorial where 4 lines appear just as one is close to the runway and trying to make sure the aircraft is correctly lined up.

In some of the tutorials the zoom view of the instruments keeps needlessly changing. This is annoying in both the radio and altimeter tutorials where the knob one needs to move has disappeared off screen.

In the landing tutorial if one is using the mouse to both start the tutorial and control the aircraft there is an issue at the start. The mouse starts in the wrong mode and has to be switched to yoke mode - doing so can cause some loss of control when the mouse pointer suddenly changes to a cross and jumps to centre screen. It would be better if the mouse started in yoke mode and the tutorial was started with a keypress.

Returning to the subject of the instructions, would it be possible to have these in audio rather than written form? I find reading them distracting, especially in the flying tutorials.
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