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OpenRadar ATIS-problem

OpenRadar is a standalone radar screen which connects to the FlightGear multiplayer servers. It is currently being developed.

OpenRadar ATIS-problem

Postby jomo » Sat Mar 03, 2018 8:40 am

OpenRadar ATIS-problem
Since some time OpenRadar is unable to pull the weather-data via Internet , so ATC cannot provide the usual service (e.g. giving wind, QNH, etc.). Engineering is working on it. In the meantime you may use your FGFS-Model data:
    In the menu-bar (at top of screen)
    select: Environment --> Weather --> see the 3rd block "Metar Data", the most important data are e.g.:
      EDDF 030650Z --> the weather-station-name + date/time of the report (March 3 at 6:50 o'clock Zulu)
      04010KT --> wind from hdg 040 with 10 KTS
      Q0997 --> the QNH
    for details see e.g. or
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Re: OpenRadar ATIS-problem

Postby Clive2670 » Mon Mar 05, 2018 9:31 pm

Answer is 2 days late I know, Ignore if it's sorted now!
Just compared my openradar with true METAR jomo and the results are as follows for EGKK
METAR text: EGKK 052020Z 13009KT CAVOK 08/05 Q0985
Conditions at: EGKK (LONDON/GATWICK A, GB) observed 2020 UTC 05 March 2018
Temperature: 8.0°C (46°F)
Dewpoint: 5.0°C (41°F) [RH = 81%]
Pressure (altimeter): 29.08 inches Hg (985.0 mb)
Winds: from the SE (130 degrees) at 10 MPH (9 knots; 4.7 m/s)
Visibility: 6 or more miles (10+ km)
Ceiling: ceiling and visibility are OK
Clouds: unknown
Weather: no significant weather observed at this time

130 degrees @ 9Knots
QNH 29.09 / 985 hPa

So mine seems to be fine, Not that much difference So have you got an issue with yours (Openradar)?
Thanks Clive aka: G-BLS01
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Re: OpenRadar ATIS-problem

Postby wagnerw » Tue Mar 06, 2018 9:08 pm

Just a small update.
The issue is, that the metar server does not accept http requests anymore. Instead it wants to use https. This issue is fixed already, but I want to ship it with the other issue: The MP protocol has changed and needs to be adapted to work again.
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Re: OpenRadar ATIS-problem

Postby wagnerw » Tue Mar 27, 2018 5:57 am

I changed the server URL to the one that FGFS is using.
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