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[INTRO] Release candidates

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[INTRO] Release candidates

Postby Gijs » Fri Jan 27, 2012 9:09 pm

Updated: July 2012

You can help us create a release with a minimum amount of bugs!
With just little over a month to go till the release of FlightGear 2.8.0, we started distributing so called release candidates. These are basically complete releases, meant for testing by a large group of people. As the actual release is still some time away, bugs found during these tests have a fair chance getting fixed. Do note that the earlier bugs are reported, the more time we'll have to fix them.

Some ideas on what to test
  • Check the manual for spelling/grammar faults, out of date information.
  • Try opening every menu and test if all dialogs work as expected. Both the Rendering Options dialog and both weather dialogs got important updates, so pay special attention to those two.
  • Aircraft in the base package are supposed to be bug-free. Thorough testing is appreciated, as these aircraft will give new users a first impression of FlightGear.

Release candidate FAQ

I think I found a bug, but I'm not sure yet.
Please open a topic in our special "Release candidates" subforum. Try to post as much detail as you can (screenshot, system specs (OS, graphics card), full commandline etc.). Other testers will try to replicate "your" bug. If they succeed, it's likely that it is a real bug. In that case, please report it at our bug tracker and include a link to the forum topic in your report.

I found a bug in an older version of FlightGear. Can I still report it?
Generally speaking no. FlightGear is under constant development and bugs are fixed almost daily. With that in mind it's very plausible that the bug has been fixed already. Therefore it is important that testers always use the latest (development) version. Nevertheless, it might be helpful to know whether the bug was already present in former releases...

I found a bug.
Please report it at our bug tracker.

Can I also report feature requests?
It's no the purpose of these release candidates, but... yes you can do so at the tracker. Make sure you select the "Feature request" template! And keep in mind that FlightGear is created by volunteers; in general the feature will be implemented much quicker when you make some effort yourself.

Start testing!
You can download the latest release candidate from our website (bottom of the page). Please install it in a special directory, away from your current FlightGear.

A Mac pre-release can be downloaded from ... 2.10.0.dmg
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