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Translation of the manual to Spanish

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Translation of the manual to Spanish

Postby pablc » Sat May 30, 2020 3:10 pm

Hi everyone! In the past weeks I have been reviewing the Spanish translation of the C172P Wiki and I also translated the Twin Otter page - great plane! I'm now thinking about starting a longer-term project to translate the FG manual to Spanish (and update the English version as I go along, if relevant). Does anyone know if there is/has been an effort to do this in the past? The Getstart repo doesn't seem to have any related commit.

Also, I would be interested to hear if this translation would actually be useful, or better spend time on translating other more urgent stuff :)

Last question, if I finally go and do it, should I start working on top of the "next" or the "master" branch?

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