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Canvas is FlightGear's new fully scriptable 2D drawing system that will allow you to easily create new instruments, HUDs and even GUI dialogs and custom GUI widgets, without having to write C++ code and without having to rebuild FlightGear.

Canvas HUD - symbology color/brightness issue

Postby mgc » Thu Jun 16, 2016 3:32 am

I’m new to FlightGear and am looking to create a custom HUD using Canvas. So far I’ve been able to implement the example here ( in the default 172 aircraft model. However, depending on the direction I’m facing from the sun, I either end up with symbology that is bright green (as I intend) or a dark color (not good):




How can I make the brightness of the green constant regardless of the sunlight or other effects (note, I'm using rgba(0,255,0,1) in the .nas file) like in the default Flight Gear HUD? Is there another effect I can add to the aircraft’s XML file (beyond the Effects/model-transparent one) to accomplish this?

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Re: Canvas HUD - symbology color/brightness issue  

Postby Thorsten » Thu Jun 16, 2016 4:48 am

You need to make it emissive (i.e. add an emissive animation to the surface the HUD is drawn onto) - that way you can also control brightness runtime.
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