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T/C and T/D mark display on ND (from PM)

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T/C and T/D mark display on ND (from PM)

Postby Hyde » Fri Jan 02, 2015 6:15 pm

Hyde wrote:Happy New Year!

I have a question.
How can I refresh the ND screen.
When T/D position is changed, I want to refresh the ND display to get immediate change. Currently I change the range or mode to get it.
I want to it automatically in the program.


Hooray wrote:for properties, you can use the update_on vector: ... styles#L45

if there's an embedded hash named "rate_hz", it will set up a timer accordingly

equally, you could also introduce a callback here or some other condition - it really depends on how you're updating the T/D and if you'd like to use a property/timer or other callback here.

You can see how this actually works here: ... y.mfd#L356

PS: it's better to post/discuss these things in public, or at least help update the wiki accordingly.

Hooray wrote:Regarding the code in AFDS.nas, I would move this stuff into its own MapStructure layer so that other aircraft (747, A320, A330 etc) can more easily reuse your work:

Code: Select all
var tcNode = me.NDSymbols.getNode("tc", 1);
tcNode.getNode("longitude-deg", 1).setValue(topClimb.lon);
               tcNode.getNode("latitude-deg", 1).setValue(;
                var tdNode = me.NDSymbols.getNode("td", 1);
                tdNode.getNode("longitude-deg", 1).setValue(topDescent.lon);
                tdNode.getNode("latitude-deg", 1).setValue(;

I believe it's technically corrrect to generalize and refactor your code accordingly, so that only aircraft-specific code resides there - ideally, customized using "behavior hashes", with generic functionality living elsewhere.

I think Gijs already created some kind of TC/TD layer a while ago - so this should be easy to adapt accordingly

Hyde wrote:I'm fine.
Once interface is establised, I will update my side.

Thank you,

Hooray wrote:the easiest option might be updating the RTE (=route) layer and adding the logic there - as an optional feature, that would by default by not visible, but could be enabled by airliners/glass cockpit aircraft.

The TC/TD computations could then be done as part of some searchCmd()-like callback invoked via a timer.

But like I said, it's better to move this to the public forum.
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