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Canvas GUI & Michat's GUI mockups

Canvas is FlightGear's new fully scriptable 2D drawing system that will allow you to easily create new instruments, HUDs and even GUI dialogs and custom GUI widgets, without having to write C++ code and without having to rebuild FlightGear.

Re: Canvas GUI & Michat's GUI mockups

Postby TheTom » Sat May 11, 2013 10:35 pm

Currently I'm working on compositing/window decorations based on the ideas of the metacity/gtk-window-decorator. Afterwards I want to make something similar to eg. the Qt layouting system with drawing elements similar to most common GUI toolkits like for example GTK. They make heavy use of images which can be scaled using 9-scale/image slice. So for default dialog elements like tabs/buttons/etc. we can probably just reuse existing (eg. GTK) themes (at least the images) but also create a special FlightGear theme. What probably is more interesting is to create dialogs/layouts unique to flight simulators, for example fuel and payload (will probably be different for each aircraft - at least a 2d drawing of the aircraft layout) or a weather dialog for showing and changing the current weather, or a layout for the virtual checklist dialog, the aircraft help/tutorial/etc. dialogs or some icons for the menu. You probably already got the idea :) I think creating icons and layouts for dialogs is much more useful than creating common gui elements with many existing (also GPL licensed) images.
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Re: Canvas GUI & Michat's GUI mockups

Postby Hooray » Sat May 11, 2013 10:59 pm

Absolutely - I cannot seem to find the thread at the moment, but at some point we were talking about supporting existing GUI markup formats, so that existing tools (namely GUI/dialog/widget designers) could be used to develop FG widgets - rather than having to write everything from scratch. Also, in some other discussion we actually agreed that we would need to come up with a library of widgets that can be used as PUI alternatives, so that we could then work on a Nasal parser for our existing PropertyList/GUI format to rip out PUI at some point.

@Michat: In case of doubt, please stick to what Tom has said - because he's already way ahead obviously, and the old wiki discussions can be considered "outdated" meanwhile.
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Re: Canvas GUI & Michat's GUI mockups

Postby Michat » Sun May 12, 2013 8:05 pm

Roger that. So for the moment I'll continue releasing my Open Radar mockups, still have a lot material to show and I have some retard. There you'll find more ideas that then we can comment. Anyway I did yesterday some interesting things using colors, I'll wait for your metacity profesional markup while I made some research.
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